Learn How to Run

An Interactive Masterclass in Campaigning

Launching December 2022

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Your Road to Public Office

Campaign Academy guides candidates and staff of all experience levels through their electoral journey, from how to file papers to post election-day wrap up.

Learn from experts

Curriculum from a network of expert partners and training organizations that understand the field.

Create A Campaign Plan

Fill-in quizzes help automatically create assets for the campaign and develop a strategy guide.

Train your team

Add all of your team members so they can train up for their specific roles – field, finance, marketing, etc.

Your Candidates' Election Journey

Customize our platform to track your candidates' learning progress.

Customizable Templates

Training Partners can customize everything, from branding to content, to truly make the platform your own.

Get Started Quickly

No need to start from scratch: your personal academy starts with baseline content written by experts from the field.

Track progress

View invited campaign's progress through the curriculum, see their worksheets, and offer assistance.

Launching December 2022

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